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Hyacinth Bucket's Website For The Socially Less Fortunate


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Please listen to some sounds here. Just click on the lovely circles. Some sounds will be from me, while others are Richard, Elizabeth, Emmett, and unfourtunately Onlsow, Daisy and Rose. I don't know how their sounds got on my lovely website and for some reason I can't get rid of them, so don't worry, I'll think of something.

I promise to let you know exactly which sound each one is, but for now, just listen for the surprise.


Richard and Hyacinth



Favourite Quotes

I've decided to have you read some of the quotes that were said.  Some of them may not be quite as elegant as I would like, but not everybodys' as elegant as I am.



"Haven't you an invitation for me?"- Hyacinth

"Why would I invite you anywhere?"- Postman



"Douglas what?"- Richard

"Chater"- Hyacinth

"They had him at their barbecue"- Hyacinth

"What did he taste like?"- Richard



"Have you ruined your dress?"- Hyacinth

"No! No! No!" - Elizabeth

"Oh. Just my table"- Hyacinth



"Would I be surprised if Onslow had another woman?"- Hyacinth

"My dear girl, I was surprised he got one in the first place!"- Hyacinth



"Is that him?"- Hyacinth

"No!"- Richard

"Oh what a pity, he'd go very nicely with my place settings"- Hyacinth


"Tell me how I look"- Rose

"What makes you think I can see?"- Onslow