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My family.

(Top: L-R) Onslow and Daisy.

(Bottom: L-R) Richard (Why are his eyes closed?), Me and Rose.

Richard giving me a kiss on the cheek before he goes off to work. He's retired now, but he still kisses me every morning. He loves me so. I better go and iron his shirts and plan our next trip to Carldon Hall.

Richard and I looking elegant and distinguished (Richard) as we pose for our yearly picture in the country.

My dear Richard. Showing off his newly manicured fingernails. Not the most refined way to do things, but at least his nails are worth showing off.

Daisy and Onslow. They do look a happy couple, but I wish they'd learn to tidy up once and a while. And would they please get up before lunch.

(Top L-R) Elizabeth, Emmett (He is Elizabeth's brother. He runs the Local Amature Operatic Society. Shame he hasn't asked me be a part in one of his productions.), Daisy, Onslow. Richard and Rose.

(Bottom Centre) Me!

This was taken in our lounge. I cannot forget my Royal Doulton with the handpainted Periwinkles.

Richard and I visiting Carldon Hall. We're close friends with her Ladyship. We've had tea with our Ladyship and Richard has had long very important talks with the his Lordship.

Richard helping Onslow fix his car. Richard is very mechanical. He's always been good with our car.

Onslow, Daisy and Rose outside their house.  I love them dearly, but I do wish they'd learn to stay inside and not let Onslow's tattoos expand.

My sister, Rose. I wish she'd find a proper and socially acceptable man to settle down with. I wish she'd wear longer skirts as well and more hats.

I'm just inspecting the milk bottle. It is my duty to insure that the milk comes from repsectable cows and that I get my own milk bottles back.

The Vicar's Wife. She has a cough though. She really needs to do something about that. I'd love to help her entertain. She could use the benifit of my expertise and it would greatly aid her in her entertain of important guests.

The Major. He's a Major, so that's always respectable in my book. I have to remember to keep on the move.

This is television repair man with the funny mustache.

Richard and I during our Indoor-Outdoor Barbecue with Finger Buffet.