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If a yellow line appears at the top of your screen please, click on it. Then a box should come up, Click OK and the exclusive song should play once in the background. If no yellow box appears, then the song should play just fine.

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my tastefully designed website.

Please take your shoes off before you come in and remember not to brush up against my wallpaper.

Of course you'll find that this website is not a mere common website, it's a website that only the best people visit. Not that I'm one to brag but, The Vicar and his wife visit this website regularly and say that it's loveliest website on the executive internet.

Please enjoy the many wonderful pages that this website has to offer.


There'll be lots of photos of my friends and family. Unfortunately my photos of my dear Sheridan were lost in some unfortunate mishap. Details of which are not of importance.

Look for the many socially acceptable items that Richard and I regularly use. We use nothing but the best.


Speaking of the best, my Richard eats an Exclusive European High-Fibre breakfast cereal. It's recommended by the Dutch Royal family, you know?

Please don't forget to sign the Guestbook on your way out and please tell your friends to visit often.


Your's truly, Hyacinth Bucket



"The Bucket (Bouquet) residence! The Lady of the house speaking!"

Click this photo to view photos of myself talking on our Pearl-White Slimline Telephone with Last Number Redial. You'll find me talking to my dear son, Sheridan, the Vicar; my sister, know. The one with the Mercedes, Sauna, and Room for a Pony and other important people.


If anyone has any beautiful sound clips, that I may add to our exclusive website, please send them to Sara through email post at Once we add them to the website, we will give you credit and of course thank you as well. I'm especially looking for clips of the quotes found on my Quotable Quotes page as well as a clip of the above quote. Any submissions to this website would be appreciated.

This website is completely unofficial and is within the best possible taste. It is well known throughout the executive internet. The title was borrowed from the wonderful book "Hyacinth's Book of Etiquette for the Socially Less Fortunate" and is not meant to infringe on any copyright laws. If it does, I'll change it straight away.