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I'd love for you to take a look at my photos of my friends and family. I wish that my photos of my dear Sheridan hadn't been lost, but these might do anyway. Try not to crease the edges or leave fingerprints. Enjoy!

Myself in our Garden. What lovely roses!

My husband Richard. I'm sure he's thinking about his European High-Fibre breakfast cereal.

Richard has just answered my Pearl White Slimeline telephone with last number redial. It must be someone important.

Richard and I in our lovely kitchen. It's......Oh. The doorbell.

My sister Daisy and my brother-in-law, Onslow. I sometimes wonder if they'll ever get out of bed and why doesn't Onslow ever wear a shirt? I don't like it when I can see his tattoo's expanding.

My dear neighbour Elizabeth. She tries bless her, but she can be all thumbs and always with my china, although she does prefer a beaker. She could always blend beautifully in the background at one of my Candlelight Suppers.

The Vicar. He is such a nice Vicar. His wife has a cough though.  I do wish  Rose would stop throwing herself at him. It's not very lady like. I wonder what our Lord would think of that? I'm sure he's not pleased.

Our Blue Car. It's a beautiful car and Richard does keep it in pristine condition. He shines it everyday, so that it sparkles in the sunshine. He loves taking me for drives into the country and to visit Carldon Hall.

Richard and I with our Rolls Royce. Richard will tell you it's not ours, but it was, at least for a short while. We did no harm to it. Shame they (the Rolls Royce people) called the police on us.

My brother in-law Onslow. He looks happy, but I do wish he'd wear a shirt and a tie. Something regal, but I supsect a tie like that would be lost on Onslow. Maybe Richard could loan him one of his hats.


Please click on the picture of my photo albums to view more pictures. Try not to crease the edges or leave fingerprints. Enjoy!